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Since childhood, Alicia has been drawn to holistic health. She wanted to learn a deeper understanding of the human body and how we function as a whole.

Her studies began in 1999 at The International Professional
School of Body Work in Pacific Beach, CA. From there she
went on to study under an acupuncturist for two years. It was in these years that she was really able to devote herself to her practice and the well being of her clients' Body, Mind and Spirit.

Alicia believes that each of us have the ability to heal ourselves through nutrition, exercise and healing touch. She incorporates deep tissue, grounding energy work, cranial sacral, acupressure, tui na & swedish through a compassionate and nurturing touch.

Each session is as unique as her clients and tailored to their individual needs.

alicia cobb

594 Broadway Suite 905 (btwn Prince & Houston) New York, NY     925-324-6725